5 hours left to pledge to the dream....

You may have noticed my Kickstarter campaign, emails, instagrams, texts, posters, and the insane look on my face these last few weeks (!!!), all for my Kickstarter fundraising to make my album and go on a small tour with it. My Kickstarter ENDS at midnight TONIGHT! http://goo.gl/BU3ag

I wanted to raise enough money to make CD (about $6,000) and go on tour (probably $12,000), but I was nervous that I wouldn't make the high numbers, so I chose $6,000. I got to that goal Saturday with a lot of help from a lot of you!! THANK YOU!!! (Plus with a little help from Maroon 5! I'm soooo happy they still remember me!!)

Much of that $6,000 is already spent or accounted for, on: musicians, CD production, photography, licensing, graphic art, thank you cards, business cards, stickers, 8x10 glossies, a virtual assistant, Facebook ads, posters, press packages, fulfillment rewards, postage & packaging to mail the rewards, postage and packaging to send the CDs and press kits to all the venues, reviewers, magazines and blogs... EEK!

Sooooo now I'm really trying to get it to $10,000! :) That way I can actually have a beautiful CD, AND enough funds to go to LA, NYC, DC, Montreal, etc.. pay for the band, travel expenses, and PERFORM! Get some great press, real reviews, maybe some more fans, and sell albums!!!!

I only have until midnight tonight. Would you consider sharing my Kickstarter with your friends?? If you feel comfortable asking a few friends to take a look, and maybe pledge, (EVERYTHING HELPS- especially momentum!) and share with their friends, that would be amazing and so helpful.

PLEASE GO TO MY FACEBOOK LIKE BUTTON (right under the video on kickstar page), click it, and send out a tiny "we like Audrey's album/kickstarter" message.
My Kickstarter ENDS TONIGHT at midnight!!! Help make the dream happen.... and pray that I never have to do this again! - Thank you xoxo Audrey

Kickstarter: http://goo.gl/BU3ag

Photos: Michael Lavine