Audrey Bernstein is surrounded by Mad Men's Matthew Weiner and...

What a great night in Los Angeles, for the CD Release of AUDREY BERNSTEIN LOVES BLUE!
The band was amazing, the Residencies at the W Hollywood penthouse was beautiful, and the guests were fabulous, including Mad Men's Creator Matthew Weiner, and Composer David Carbonara, A+R owner Rose Apodaca, Designer Raven Kauffman, Stylist Patrick Malini, Designers & Agnets Barbara Kramer, NYLON magazine's Mark Blackwell, Nightlife promoter extrodinare Bryan Rabin, Apple Via, Ameila Fleetwood, Art director Sean Daily, Writer Steffie Nelson, NY Times writer Monica Corcoran, Spare Room owners Marc Rose and Med Abrous, promoter Nico Golfar, Jazz voculast Cathy Segal-Garcia, Gallery Owner Fiora Bee, and others

"Audrey Bernstein Loves Blue" Listening Party

Audrey Bernstein is surrounded by Mad Men's Matthew Weiner and David Carbonara as Audrey Bernstein performs at a one night only Hollywood listening party for her new album "Audrey Bernstein Loves Blue" at The Residences at W Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday August 8, 2013 (Alex J. Berliner/ABImages) via AP Images