In the final stretch for Kickstarter Audrey Bernstein 2

Woo woo!! Making some headway!
Thank you so much everyone! In 2 hours we raised almost $1000!!!! Gotta keep going!!
Not there yet... and if we go past the goal, it will be soooo amazingly helpful - THANK YOU!!!!!

If you haven't already, please be sure to click the Facebook and Twitter buttons at the top of the page right under my main video, it helps a lot:)
And if your feeling Super generous, PRETTY PLEASE share a post on facebook:) I've got less than 4 hours left to make it to the goal - WE'RE GETTING THERE!!
But I've got to get at least $1000 in pledges by 10:00 pm est tonight -
Thank you again so much! !!! xoxox Audrey

PS: All pledges of $20 or more made my 9:00 est tonight are matched by my Kickstarter backer ANGELS!!!!