Seven Days: An All-Vermont Valentine's Day Mixtape

From the dawn of the cassette player, the mixtape has been a go-to method for amorous advances. While the physical medium has changed over the years, from tapes to CDs to Spotify playlists and the like, few gestures are as sweet and time-tested as curating a playlist for your dear someone. Sure, flowers and chocolates are nice. But making a mixtape takes time and, more importantly, thought to ensure that you send just the right message. In that regard, in our admittedly biased opinion, the mixtape remains the ultimate romantic expression.

So here's a little mix we made just for you, consisting entirely of local tunes released in the last year or so. Why? Because we like you.

"The Best Is Yet to Come," Audrey Bernstein - One of the oft-overlooked aspects of a good mix is flow. Especially when pulling from so many styles of music, easy transitions are paramount. So we're sliding from sexy soul to smoky jazz with this reimagined take on the Sinatra classic, "The Best Is Yet to Come," by local chanteuse Audrey Bernstein.