Audrey Bernstein on Friday Night Jazz With Reuben Jackson on Vermont Public Radio

Hello my wonderful Kickstarter backers and friends!

Very great news: The 2nd album is in the works and we are going to be performing songs from it on VPR, live!

So as a very big Thank You to all of you for supporting my first Kickstarter and first album, I am inviting you to join us in the studio if you happen to be in the area on October 20th! -  The broadcast will be aired October 31st at 8:00PM - You can watch on the internet or listen on the radio - see

This special performance is in celebration, and a bit of a "Kick-Off" for the 2nd album and the fundraising for it - And wait until you hear it!  Now, believe me I was excited about the first album, but this recording is, how do I say it.... well, it's better.  I learned how to sing better through recording that first album, and how to record or be recorded. 

We recorded the songs for the 2nd album on my birthday, May 13th, (it was the best birthday I've ever had!), at Joe's studio in Underhill Vermont, with John Rivers on bass again, Geza Carr on drums -Wait till you hear Geza! (OMG) and Tom Cleary on piano - also amazing. We were all pretty blown away with what was happening in that little recording studio on that day; we'd finish a song and we all kind of looked around at each other and say, "Wow, what just happened?"

Joe Capps and I will be mixing and adding solos from Ray Vega, Joey Summerville, and others over the next few weeks, and then it's time to get it out there... hopefully with help from you, and other friends and fans. 

Oh, and of course I'll have to think of a name for the album, always the hardest part for me - maybe YOU can help me name it this time...

I have to say I do feel nervous about doing another kickstarter, but the process of making an album is really so expensive that I just can't do it alone. And as one of my good friends and Kickstarter backers told me last week when I spoke of my fears of a Kickstart #2, he said, "Audrey, Don't worry about that stuff, just do it."

I am truly honored to be asked to be on the VPR Friday Night Jazz Program with host Reuben Jackson.


Friday Night Jazz With Reuben Jackson on Vermont Public Radio


Again, Thank you so much, none of this could have happened without your support.