Audrey Bernstein Vocal Studios Summer Sale!

Audrey Bernstein Vocal Studios Summer Sale- 
30% off first lesson for all new vocal students through Labor Day (9/4/17) 

So if you've been dreaming about singing, let's work together to make your dreams come true... 

Your Voice is a truly amazing instrument!! 
Learning any instrument is a process... 

We start each lesson with exercises to warm up the body, relax the face, neck, shoulders, and voice. 
Just as dance class, learning the guitar, practicing yoga, horseback riding, tennis, skiing, painting, and most things we do; we learn and practice the correct body positions, and techniques, replacing old habits with correct ones, and grow from there- 

I am accepting students in our Underhill, Burlington, and Waterbury Studios for Fall and Winter schedule. 
*In-Home lessons are also available. 
From vocal warm ups to correct posture, breath support, ear training, vocal range, dynamics, diction, stamina, confidence, and performance.  I can help you with all aspects of voice training, tailoring each lesson to help you achieve the results you want with the songs you want. My goal is to help you build a healthy vocal technique that will allow you to find YOUR voice! 

Singers young and old, beginner to advanced, are empowered by this coaching. 
Coaching can be provided in an array of genres: Jazz, Pop, Folk, Choral, Rock, etc. 

Audrey Bernstein Vocal Coaching Studios & Team Building Workshops 

Studio Locations: 
250 Poker Hill Road, Underhill, VT 
416 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 
93 South Main, Waterbury, VT 
In-Home lessons available 

For more information, testimonials, and more, please go to 

Check out our Corporate Team Building Workshops too!

Happy Summer-