New Album!! & Burlington Jazz Festival...

Hi Gang, Spring is here:)

So many fun things going on-

We're going to record the 2nd album on May 13th - which is also.... tada... my Birthday!!
I've been looking forward to recording the next album since the 1st one came out, I've learned so much and I know this is going to be an even better album!

We've got all the great musicians on it with some special guest apperiances, and some really cool songs, and even two original songs... (don't worry, everyone seems to LOVE them:)

Then there's The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival May 30 - June 8th

We will be preforming 3 Great shows during the festival-
  • Wednesday June 4th at The Hotel Vermont, With Joe Capps, John Rivers, Andrew Moroz, Geza Carr and Special Guest Ray Vega 9-11:00 PM
  • Thursday June 5th at City Hall, With Joe Capps, John Rivers, Geza Carr, Andrew Morotz & Special Guest Joey Sommerville 7-8:30PM
  • Saturday June 7th at The Daily Planet, With Joe Capps and John Rivers

Look for a few fun live radio shows too -
May 27th: Tuesday Night Jazz on WWPV with Jake Levison