Shining Star Student at Audrey Bernstein Vocal Studios January 2017

Shining Star Student at Audrey Bernstein Vocal Studios January 2017 

January's Shining Star is the wonderful singer, and super fun student, Clara. Clara loves going for walks around the pond to do our vocal warmups, she has a beautiful voice, and she's always up for some silly fun- such as stopping to make awesome snow angles after a good snowfall during our walking warm-ups:) 

She has an eclectic taste in music, especially for a young singer, singing many songs that are favorites of her mothers. When Clara first sang “Walk On By” by Dionne Warwick, her mother and I both listened with quiet amazement as she brought tears to our eyes. 

PS: Her mother is amazing too, not only because she occasionally bringing sweet treats,(thank you!) but she is such a positive, calming, and wonderful person. I'm very happy that we all found each other, and get to spend time together every week as Clara's voice, and artistic confidence gets better and better. 


Name Clara 
Home: Chittenden County 
Age:12 years old 
Sign: Sagittarius 
Hobbies: Art & Singing 
Some favorite things: Playing Soccer and Basketball, Skating and Skiing 
Why do you take voice lessons: I take voice lesson to learn how to control my voice. 
Favorite Music: 80's music! 
Clara Says: “Audrey is an awesome teacher, and very funny!"