Vocal Training with Renowned Jazz Singer Audrey Bernstein

"I wish I could sing..."

I hear this from people almost every day-
Well, I think you can sing, and I can help you!

So if you've been dreaming about singing, let's work together to make your dreams come true...


"What a treat to develop singing skills with Audrey! She has a beautiful voice and great strategies for helping learn how to awaken the throat and sing with more clarity and emotion." J. M. - Yoga Instructor, Stowe VT

"Our daughter has been asking for voice lessons for a long time; when we finally decided the time was right, we settled on Audrey as her teacher.  In the short time since she’s been taking lessons, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in her singing and confidence.  Audrey has taken the time to consider how to teach to a middle school aged child, and incorporates ways to make the learning fun for them.  We very much recommend Audrey!" - J.& M. Bean, Underhill VT

"My whole life people told me that I could not sing. I was ashamed to try, but then I had a reason to really want to do it. I got a God wink and found that Audrey Bernstein was giving voice lessons (near my home!). Audrey encouraged me and helped me relax. It didn't take long for her to help me find my voice and increase my range. I now find that I have the confidence to sing in front of others and I am not being told that I cannot sing any more.  I am sorry that I didn't find Audrey earlier, but now, at 69 years of age, I have the joy of singing.  Thank you Audrey," - Susan C. Underhill VT

"Audrey is a multi-talented dynamo, driven and focused in several disciplines and able to train and mentor a wide array of individuals. Excellent ability to adapt to changing situations and convey complicated concepts in a friendly manner. Everyone could benefit from having an Audrey on their team, highly recommended!" - S. Robbins, COO at Equine Adventures, Burlington VT

Your Voice is an instrument…
Learning any instrument is a process.
We start each lesson with exercises to warm up the body,
relax the face, neck, shoulders, and strengthen the voice. We learn to breath correctly and easily. 
Just like training or practicing dance, yoga, or sports; we learn the correct technique, and grow from there.  And every time we go to class, or practice, we start with that good foundation, and figure out what each individual students needs and strength are and go from there,
I am accepting students in our Underhill Studio, and Waterbury Studio.
In-Home lessons are also available in Richmond, Burlington, Waterbury, Stowe, and the surrounding areas, provided you have a piano or keyboard.
From vocal warm ups to correct posture, breathing, strength training, and performance, I teach all aspects of voice training, tailoring each lesson to help you achieve the results you want with the songs you want. My goal is to help you build a healthy vocal technique that will allow you to find YOUR voice!

Singers young and old / beginner to advanced, are empowered by these lessons.
Lessons can be provided in an array of genres: Jazz, Pop, Folk, etc.
We have two studios, one in Underhill Vermont and one in Waterbury Vermont, with students from Stowe, Montpellier, Underhill, Richmond, and Burlington.
Private Voice Lesson Pricing:
$45 / 45 minutes
$55 / one hour
For In-Home lessons please add $15.00
P.S.  If the weather is nice we will sometimes go for walks outside to do warm-ups!  We have two adorable cats and a beautiful bunny at the Underhill studio.
For more info on Vocal Coaching contact  Audrey Bernstein

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