World-Class Artist 

"[Lance] Olson [Executive Director of Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center] says there are plenty of internationally renowned artists who have chosen to make their homes in Vermont, and they should be recognized, along with new talent, like Stowe jazz singer Audrey Bernstein, whom Olson first heard at Bee’s Knees in Morrisville four years ago. She would become the first Vermont artist featured in Spruce Peak’s Peak Vermont program, putting 250 people into the chairs at Spruce Peak. 

“It was a creative event…

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Vermont Publie Radio - Art Hounds - Audrey Bernstein 

Art Hounds: Photography, Audrey Bernstein And Circus Arts
By Mary Williams • Feb 23, 2017

Saturday, March 4 at 7:30 p.m. at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in Stowe: Jazz musician Audrey Bernstein performs standards and originals, accompanied by some of Vermont’s finest jazz musicians, with Friday Night Jazz host Reuben Jackson introducing the program. Suggested by Karen Yacos from Underhill.

Audrey Bernstein at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center  

Hearing you sing on our stage, with the gusto of experience and the humility of growth, was one of the great joys of my years here in Stowe.  I hope to hear you many times more.  Best – Lance 

Lance Olson, Executive Director, Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center

Audrey Bernstein swings at Birdland's Cast Party! 

As mentioned in this weeks Jim Caruso's Cast Party at Birdland Newsletter!  - At Cast Party, we were royally entertained by Tony winner Nikki M. James and Pam Shaw, who were celebrating their new movie, “Lucky Stiff,” which also stars Jason Alexander and our own Cheyenne Jackson.  For extra-added pleasure, Nikki even threw us back to her thrilling performance as Eponine in the revival of Les Miserables, and sang a perfect “On My Own!”  The wildly talented James family (aka “The Florida VonTrapps”), each…Read more

Dynamic, Cleverly Erudite Jazz Chanteuse Audrey Bernstein Brings a Killer Band to the Rockwood 

New York Music Daily 7/10/2015

Dynamic, Cleverly Erudite Jazz Chanteuse Audrey Bernstein Brings a Killer Band to the Rockwood

by delarue

A little New York music history: back in the early zeros, one of the best bands playing around what was then an incredibly fertile Lower East Side rock scene was Douce Gimlet. With frontman Joe Ben Plummer’s kitchen-sink songwring – sad country ballads, catchy janglerock anthems, and droll, cinematic intrumental miniatures – the band is long overdue to be…

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"Bernstein sings in character: she’s a great storyteller, she mines new and unexpected content from old standards and she’s practically a different singer from number to number. She can go from misty, to disarmingly clear and direct, to coy and enticing, depending on how the story goes. As much as that takes fearsome vocal technique, what’s most impressive is how she puts those chops to work to deliver an emotional wallop…or just a wink, or a chuckle." - New York Music Daily - 7/10/2015
"Bernstein comes out swingin' on the album's punchy opener, "Too Close for Comfort," before settling into a sultry take on "Comes Love" that would be right at home after midnight at the Blue Note. Bernstein's voice ranges from hi-hat sharp to crushed-velour soft. Each cut showcases her delicate mastery of tone." ​- Ted Kammerer, Seven Days 6/3/15

"In a world crowded with ultra high octane, technique-heavy vocalists, Audrey Bernstein's deft meshing of "soul and science"- Quincy Jones's definition of jazz-is as refreshing as an autumn breeze. She explores the melodic and thematic textures of originals and American Popular Song classics with great care and sublime invention. I imagine notes and/or phrases vying for her attention. And who could blame them?"
- Reuben Jackson, VPR Friday Night Jazz, 10/22/14

"Audrey’s joyful and silky voice is amazing on these trusted [JAZZ] standards and originals that sound like they already are standards.”
- James Valentine, Maroon 5   10/14

"Both fresh and familiar, which is what we we're always looking for in our music. Audrey brings her impeccable phrasing and rhythm to some of the best of songs written, and that's why I'm a new fan! She'll leave you wanting more, and hopeful this is just the beginning of many releases from this gifted artist. Enjoy!" - David Carbonara - Composer, Mad Men 5/9/2013

"Don't miss the fabulous Audrey Bernstein at the Spare Room in Hollywood" -DailyCandy 8/14/13

"A great performer has a special connection with the audience...Many people can make good records. But people go to a concert hall for the live, spontaneous, in-the-moment, joyous, funny occasion. And that comes from an artist who is so thoroughly prepared that she or he can abandon that preparation and make the audience members feel personally and individually part of the performance. Itzak Perlam is a genius in that way... And musician Audrey Bernstein is like that..." - Lance Olson, Best of Vermont Summer 2013

 “...Classic and endearingly sexy.”- Ed DuFresne, Times Argus 6/12/2013

"...As impressive as the band’s collective performance is, Bernstein rightly remains the focal point. She is solid throughout the record. And in certain moments, her performance borders on sublime. For example, her cooing interpretation of the Gershwins’ “A Foggy Day” is a standout in which she displays impressive control and emotive nuance. The same is true of Matt Dennis and Earl Brent’s “Angel Eyes.” Here, Bernstein’s playfulness is in full, flirtatious form as she winkingly invites us “happy people” to drink up..." - Dan Bolles, Seven Days 6/5/13
"This song [Fever] is so beautiful! I love your arrangement and your voice sounds amazing." Abigal Chapin, The Chapin Sisters, 3/19/13

“Audrey Bernstein is a natural entertainer-- able to captivate and inspire her audiences by being a conduit for poetry and mischief in the same breath. Her voice is warm and smooth and her whole being is compelling. I don't know how she does it, but she always elevates the night and creates a room that is flirty, intriguing and more exciting than it was before she got there.” - Tatiana von Furstenberg, 2012

"What I like most about Audrey is her authenticity. Each song she sings is a believable story. She’s got a warm and unique vocal quality, and swings like crazy. Recording this CD with her was a beautiful and satisfying experience." - Dan Skea, Jazz Pianist, 2/4/2013

"Audrey is an experience best savored in concert. When you hear the disc you’ll be struck by the depth and range of emotions in the music coming from someone so young. In concert you also see that intensity, and view her inhabit the feelings that make the songs essential. The song ends, and a real person is right there – modest, honest, playful and eager to please. Audrey Bernstein’s artistry comes from life experience, gumption, and the willingness to abandon everything to the music." - Lance Olson, Executive Director, Spruce Peak Arts Center Foundation, 2/8/2013

“An engaging and inspired singer and performer, her beautiful, expressive voice and hip but unpretentious phrasing are guaranteed crowd pleasers.”
- Jon Huck, Producer, Los Angeles, May 2012

“…You are the reason the Dakota event was such a hit. You performed above and beyond expectations and everyone (the client) was molto pleased. I look forward to working with you as much as possible. Much thanks and looking forward to the next one.”
- K. Cooper Ray WAGNER/JUNKER, Los Angeles, 2007