“Audrey’s pitch and tone are impeccable. But it’s the emotional content that comes through. I believe her when she’s singing.” World Class jazz musician Joey Sommerville hits it a bullseye when he points out, “it’s a genuine artistic communication with her, not one that’s scripted or choreographed. Audrey is a very sincere artist.

“Audrey Bernstein brings her impeccable phrasing and rhythm to some of the best of songs ever written.”- Mad Men Composer David Carbonara 

"Jazz singer Audrey Bernstein is an experience best savored in concert.  She is a natural entertainer, with the ability to captivate and inspire her audiences with her warm voice, charm, and delicate mastery of tone."

Described as “classic” and “endearingly sexy”, with “the chops to deliver an emotional wallop”, Bernstein is spontaneous, nuanced, and swings like crazy. She is joined by the stellar ensemble from her newly released 2nd album, ALRIGHT, OKAY, YOU WIN - Tom Cleary, John Rivers, Joe Capps and Geza Carr, Joey Sommerville, and Ray Vega.
VPR's Reuben Jackson, host of Friday Night Jazz says, “Bernstein explores the melodic and thematic textures of originals and American Popular Song classics with great care and sublime invention”.

Her music is sweet, smooth and sultry, moving listeners with guile and charm as much as technique.
“Audrey Bernstein is a natural entertainer-- able to captivate and inspire her audiences by being a conduit for poetry and mischief in the same breath. Her voice is warm and smooth and her whole being is compelling. I don't know how she does it, but she always elevates the night and creates a room that is flirty, intriguing and more exciting than it was before she got there.”
- Tatiana von Furstenberg, 2012

"What I like most about Audrey is her authenticity. Each song she sings is a believable story. She’s got a warm and unique vocal quality, and swings like crazy.”  -Dan Skea

Short Bio:
Before her arrival on today’s jazz scene, Audrey Bernstein found success in many fields as an entertainer and creative fixture in the New York and Los Angeles social scenes. Now, she brings people together with her voice, infusing easy glamour and soul to both jazz classics and original numbers alike. Her captivating voice paired with her vibrant entertaining spirit set her apart. Audrey never fails to deliver nuanced, powerful performances, while still remaining utterly fun.

"Audrey’s joyful and silky voice is amazing" - James Valentine, Maroon 5
Audrey Bernstein’s exceptional jazz career comes from a lifetime of entertaining. Audrey has brought people together with her radiant spirit and easy glamour throughout her life and through diverse careers: fabulous party promoter, chic baker, lifestyle guru, and World Cup Snowboard Champion. Audrey’s dedication to a lifetime of creativity has successfully attracted both diverse and star-studded crowds and media attention to her many creative projects. She has been featured in many national publications, TV and radio shows, and on-line media, including Martha Stewart, Entertainment Tonight, and the Los Angeles Times.
Now based out of Vermont, Audrey has embraced her long-time love and propensity for singing. Pulling from her years of unique experiences, she fuses together her love of music with her entertaining spirit to create a unique and utterly fun jazz experience. Described as “classic” and “endearingly sexy”, with “the chops to deliver an emotional wallop”, Audrey is spontaneous, nuanced, and swings like crazy.
Her latest new album ALRIGHT, OKAY, YOU WIN, released in 2015, has received great praise, and both of her are available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, and Pandora.  It features world-class musicians such as Ray Vega of the famous Vega Brothers, Joe Capps, Geza Carr, John Rivers, Michael Zsoldos, and the award-winning Joey Sommerville.
She has been performing regionally at events including the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, and Newport Vermont Jazz Festival, and in New York City at venues including Birdland, and Rockwood Music Hall, with legendary musicians such as Vince Giordano. Catch her live in concert at The Flynn Space in Burlington Vermont, for First Night, on December 31st, 2017.
“Audrey Bernstein brings her impeccable phrasing and rhythm to some of the best of songs ever written.”- Mad Men Composer David Carbonara

Audrey continues to combine the best things in life, her passion for music, entertaining, food, and friends, while touring for her new album, ALRIGHT, OKAY, YOU WIN.  Released 2015, featuring world class musicians Ray Vega of the famous Vega Brothers and the award-winning Joey Sommerville, as well as Joe Capps, John Rivers, Tom Cleary and Geza Carr.