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Now accepting students in my Underhill, Burlington, and Waterbury Vocal Studios for Summer lessons.

From vocal warm ups to correct posture, breathing, strength training, and performance, I teach all aspects of voice training, tailoring each lesson to help you achieve the results you want with the songs you want. My goal is to help you build a healthy vocal technique that will allow you to find YOUR voice!

Audrey Bernstein Vocal Coaching Studios & Team Building Workshops
Studio Locations:
250 Poker Hill Road, Underhill, VT
416 Pine Street, Burlington, VT
Watrbury, VT
In-Home and Skype lessons are also available.

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Why Singing Makes You Feel Better!!

Here are just a few examples of why singing makes you feel better-

“Singing can have some of the same effects as exercise, like the release of endorphins, which give the singer an overall "lifted" feeling and are associated with stress reduction. It's also an aerobic activity, meaning it gets more oxygen into the blood for better circulation, which tends to promote a good mood.”  

“Singing lowers stress levels. Making music in any form is relaxing. Singing releases stored muscle tension and decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your blood stream.”

“Singing actually changes the brain by moving musical vibrations through you thereby altering both your physical and emotional landscape. ... The endorphins which are released through singing will give you an immediate feeling of pleasure.”

I am accepting students in my Underhill, Burlington & Waterbury locations for Summer lessons

If you or your loved ones have been dreaming about singing, let's work together to make dreams come true...

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Audrey Bernstein

Vocal Coaching Studios & Team Building Workshops


Studio Locations:

Poker Hill Road, Underhill, VT

Pine Street, Burlington, VT

Waterbury, VT

Skype and in home lessons available


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