Shining Star Student September 2017

It's Audrey Bernstein Vocal Studio Shining Star time again! 

September 2017


Name: Sara Whitehair 

Age: 41 

Zodiac Sign: Aries 

Occupation: Singer! (I've always read that if you put your intentions out there they are more likely to come true!) My other job (that pays the bills) is at the Vermont Foodbank - I work with people at food shelves, schools and hospitals to get them excited about eating fresh produce 

Hometown: Northville, NY 

Where do you live: Duxbury, VT 

Hobbies: Music - making it and seeing it, gardening, snowboarding, cooking, hiking, parties 

What are three of your favorite things: My kids and husband, music, and friends! 

Why do you take voice lessons: I come from a musical background - I played many instruments and sang while growing up but wandered away from it as I got older. A few years ago, I decided I really wanted to fulfill my dream of being a rock star. When my husband suggested that I take singing lessons I figured that was a good idea if I wanted to get better. I take voice lessons now to improve my range and style and learn how to be more confident. 

What are your favorite Types of Music: Phish is my absolute favorite! I also love strong, powerful female vocalists - Susan Tedeschi, Rachael Price, Etta James to name a few. I'm also a big fan of bluegrass and funk. 

Anything else? A few years ago I set an intention to become a singer. I took steps to achieve it and am very proud of what I'm doing now. I feel like ANYTHING is possible in your life and it's in your own power to make it happen. Dream big, set your sights on your goal, and do what it takes to accomplish it. And these days I'm in a band called Funk Shui - it's really fun and I'm learning a lot! 

Working with Audrey - In the short time that I've been working with Audrey she has helped me develop techniques that I had previously been lacking. My range has expanded, my breathing has improved, and I know how to prepare for a singing event - warm-ups are KEY! She helped me develop warm-up exercises to improve my skills. One of the best things I've learned from Audrey (besides the actual singing part) is how this music world works. She has shared many tips of the trade with me. I recently had a show and I woke up the day before with a cold. I didn't know what to do so I texted Audrey to ask her some questions. She responded promptly with many great ideas and she was on vacation! She is very devoted to her students and very fun to work with. I feel lucky to work with such a talented, amazing singer. Thanks Audrey!

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