The 2nd Album - New Kickstarter

October 31st to November 30th, 2014

AUDREY BERNSTEIN The 2nd Album - New Kickstarter

Hello friends!
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I'm in the last stretch of making my second album!

Thank you so much to everyone who backed that first beautiful debut album and made it successful!

But this recording is, how do I say it.... well, it's better. I learned how to sing better through recording that first album, and how to record better. I gained a lot of confidence and knowledge; and I've been chomping at the bit to record again. And when we recorded, there was serious magic in the air... It was my birthday, I had my favorite musicians with me, my best friend (Joe) at the recording dock, and my sweet little bunny Blue in the next room too! Heaven...
The music that came out of that little home recording studio in Underhill Vermont, is  "sublime" to quote VPR Jazz Host Reuben Jackson.


I need to ask you for your help to get these songs made into an album-
It's a vulnerable place to be, but I am driven to make this music. And to do that as an independent artist, I need your help.

I think once you hear the songs you will understand why everyone has told me to "Make this album!", and to "Get those songs out there!"
And you will understand why I am doing this Kickstarter, and putting my neck out on the chopping block once again, in the name of music/art.

Click here to hear The Waters of March from this upcoming album


"In a world crowded with ultra high octane, technique-heavy vocalists, Audrey Bernstein's deft meshing of "soul and science"- Quincy Jones's definition of jazz-is as refreshing as an autumn breeze. She explores the melodic and thematic textures of originals and American Popular Song classics with great care and sublime invention. I imagine notes and/or phrases vying for her attention. And who could blame them?" -Reuben Jackson, VPR Host of Friday Night Jazz, 10/14


Thank you again for all your wonderful support! 
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Kickstarter #2 Ends November 30th

GOAL: $7,000 with Stretch Goal of $15,000
*Kickstarter is all or nothing, I must reach or pass the $7,000 goal by Nov. 30th
See list of funding needs on Kickstarter page


Hear more songs, see the video, listen to live VPR boacast, and get all information at

Stay Warm! Thank you! XOXO Audrey

EVERY PLEDGE HELPS:) Even small ones:) Thank you!